Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Awareness Gemstone Cuff – Bravelets

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Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Awareness Gemstone Cuff

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Product Details

  • Genuine semi-precious Amethyst gemstones
  • 925 silver plated over brass
  • be brave engraving
  • One size adjustable to fit your wrist
  • 10% of net profits donated to your cause

The Be Brave Gemstone Cuff features 2 beautiful gemstones, one triangle cut and one fancy cut. As you may know, the triangle is the strongest geometric shape, so the triangle stone on this bracelet reminds you to be strong. The be brave engraving on the inside of the cuff is also the perfect daily reminder to be strong and brave during difficult times.  This beautiful cuff bracelet is adjustable to fit your wrist, and has high quality silver plating to ensure longevity

Many people believe that gemstones contain healing properties. The idea behind crystal healing is that the crystals allow positive, healing energy to flow into the body, while negative, disease-causing energy flows out. We make no claims, but think the idea of it is pretty cool!

Gemstone healing properties of Amethyst include Protection, Purification, and Spirituality.

About the Cause:

“NCADD gave us our Mom back and saved our family. Thank you NCADD!”

Since 1944, founded by Marty Mann, the first woman to recover from alcoholism in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and funded primarily by donor support, NCADD and our National Network of Affiliates have provided a broad array of national and community-based programs and services, including:

Information and Referral: NCADD provides unbiased, professional, objective information and referral support for individuals and family members faced with alcohol or drug problems. Since 1944, no other organization has helped more individuals and families begin their journey in recovery than NCADD. Last year alone, over 730,900 called NCADD seeking help for themselves, a friend or family member!

Prevention, Education and Training: NCADD’s Affiliates provide community-based prevention, education, training, treatment, recovery support and advocacy programs.

Community Awareness: Through presentations at schools, churches, youth centers, senior centers, civic and community organizations, we work to increase awareness and understanding of the disease and the potential for treatment and recovery.

Advocacy: Through our Center for Policy and Advocacy in Washington, DC, NCADD has been a strong advocate for the rights of persons affected by alcoholism, drug dependence and their families. Over the years NCADD has played a key role in advocating for warning labels, increased funding for prevention, treatment and research as well as the 21 purchase age, drinking/drugged driving and expanded access to alcoholism and addiction treatment.

Intervention, Treatment and Recovery Support: Depending on community need, some Affiliates provide intervention, as well as treatment services ranging from inpatient, outpatient, sober housing and recovery support.

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