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Vestibular dysfunction

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About this cause:

Vestibular Dysfunction is a board range of diseases and disorders related to the ears, eyes,Vertigo, spinning, vomiting,deafness, cognitive thinking, balance, drop attacks, tinnitus, It is one of the highest disease rates of suicide, divorce, depression, loneliness. It is also described as one of the most tortuous diseases out there. We are considered a liability, the key is quick diagnoses, correct diagnosis and Doctors that know how to treat it. That is not happening. after 39 Doctors, I had to research my own illness, require the testing, and research my own treatment. It takes a team to treat this disorder, Ear nose and throat Doctor, Eye Doctor, neurologist, Physical therapist, neurologist, Rheumatologist and this is the problem, There is no education, no communication therefore the patients are the ones to suffer. Please help keep The Vestibular Association going, otherwise known as VEDA . They are a resource for Doctors, Patients, any one dealing with this terrible disease. For me it's been 10-15 years of weighing is this worth it???