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Transplant Bravery

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About this cause:

I need a third renal transplant. I had my first transplant in 1996 and it only lasted four years. I got a second transplant and it lasted 12 and a half years. It was wonderful and I had all those extra years to spend caring for my disabled daughter. I find myself now, having been on dialysis for four years. I need $4000 for this next transplant. The powers that be have changed all of the rules. For my first two surgeries, I spent a week recovering, went to Seattle alone and flew home alone. Now I need to take a friend, pay for their way as well as mine and spend at least one month in a hotel in Seattle. I am just about desperate for this money as I can not get the transplant until I have the money. I am nearing the top of the list but like I said, I cant actually have the transplant until I have the money. I have been on disability the entire four years and have been unable to work or save money. I barely make enough to make ends meet. Thank you in advance for purchasing this unique and wonderful jewelry!