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The MSgt Gary Herman Memorial Fund

The MSgt Gary Herman Memorial Fund

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About this cause:

" I feel weak, mainly fatigued. I try to put one foot in front of the other like a good POW and know that to gain energy, you must make energy, the long walk with the 100lb invisible pack is wearing on me. My backpack is heavier as there is more gear in it to overcome all the things ahead of me. I have done this before, and did not quit. I will not quit, but now the mud rises above my ankles and walking toward safety is a bit more difficult. It's not dishonorable to know you have tried your best." - gh

Gary courageously battled stage 4 colorectal cancer for seven years. His valiant fight ended December 18, 2015. Despite the cancer, he filled his life with an unwavering love towards his family, his country, his comrades and his cars. A retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant, Gary dedicated 20 years as a Survival (SERE) Instructor. He continued his career with 15 additional years of committed service to the United States Government. A true patriot, he devoted his life to teaching, training and protecting.

As the days pass , the waves of grief roll through, we laugh, we tear up, but we keep going.. we keep moving forward.. together, as we always have. I hope in his honor you all find a way to go out and do everything you've always wanted to.. and to do somethings you NEVER wanted to..

To do as our dad did most days for almost 8 years.. to "suck it up".. to BE BRAVE.

xox, Jamie and Kimberly

P.s. We picked LIME green as a suggested color because.. if you found dad after he moved to Florida.. he was always in the brightest Lime shirt he owned.. our feelings wont be hurt if you choose another haha