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About this cause:

Towards the middle of March 2017, Heather Eatherton discovered a lump on her breast that was cause for alarm. A mammogram showed an abnormal growth. On the 27th of March, a biopsy revealed a cancerous tumor that was classified Triple Negative Stage 2 Breast Cancer.
April 17th a bilateral mastectomy was performed. The lymph nodes came back clear and all was thought to be well. Follow-up lab work caused concern that cancer could have spread to the bones or liver. After a bone and CT scan, it was determined that her organs looked clear, but there were dark spots on her bones.
By May 11, a bone biopsy revealed the breast cancer was metastatic from lesions on her bones, advancing to Stage 4 breast cancer. While it is incurable, it is still manageable through chemotherapy and radiation.
Heather is seeking a second opinion and will soon start treatment at the James Cancer Center in Columbus.
Heather has been married to her husband, Scott, for 19 years. She is a mother to three children; Gabrielle (17), Raven (15) and Willow (12). As a volunteer EMT-Basic with Jackson Forest EMS, she was in the middle of taking classes to obtain her EMT Advanced certification when the tumor was found. Prior to the discovery, Heather also worked for Medcare Ambulance Service.