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Songs for Sound

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About this cause:

Songs for Sound is a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story & a passionate objective: to provide AWARENESS OF hearing loss solutions, ACCESS TO hearing loss testing and devices and encourage ACTION for those suffering from hearing loss and deafness. Songs for Sound aims to provide everyone with an opportunity to live a mainstream life full of sound and language, and of course, MUSIC.

When Lexi Vernon was missed on multiple occasions for deafness, the Vernon's knew something had to be done. Now, Lexi is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient. She heard her first sounds at the age of 19 months of age. This launched a national movement.

The problem? People living with hearing loss and deafness are being missed and missing out on the sounds that give us language, hope, laughter, music. There is a breakdown from "I think I have a hearing loss" to knowing what, how & where to get help. Lexi's story is not uncommon - it applies to millions of people across the globe.

The solution? Lexi's parents, Jaime and Kevin Vernon, started Songs for Sound, Inc. in 2011 with music-driven outreach including a no-cost mobile hearing clinic, awareness & benefit concerts, military programs, family programs and international mission work. Their mission is to make sure everyone has access to the same quality of care they fought to get for Lexi.

This problem seems so complicated, yet it's actually pretty simple. SFS makes people aware of hearing loss. We show them how to treat it, prevent it and restore hearing. SFS provides access to diagnosis with free hearing tests. Then we refer to the best Audiology/ENT practices so people can choose an informed course of action. When Audiology or ENT isn't available, then we make it available through clinic launches, teletherapy, transportation services, mission trips. Whatever it takes, SFS vows to make it possible for someone to hear and learn spoken language if that is what they choose.

Who do we serve? Each year we serve all demographics across the United States at 16-25 large annual weekend events such as Veterans Expos, Air Shows, State Fairs, Health Expos, Music Festivals, etc., as well as over 200 weekday events with community stops at the YMCA and other health clubs, Senior Centers, Del Webb communities, Boys and Girls Clubs, Veterans organizations, preschools in underserved areas, etc. We also serve internationally in Jamaica.

We serve as a voice of awareness, access & action for everyone with a focus on high-risk hearing loss populations: veterans, senior citizens, underserved children and musicians.

SFS also builds strategic bridges for legislation that makes hearing solutions more affordable and accessible. We won't stop until everyone has the ability to go from "I think I have hearing loss" to "I can hear".