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The brAvery Foundation

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About this cause:

For information about The brAvery Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, and its mission, please visit our website at:

A little bit about Avery ...
Avery was an exceptional honors student (NHS - 4.4gpa), 2 sport Varsity athlete, an Editor for her school newspaper, Junior Class Treasurer, Freshmen Mentor, a peer leader and so much more, but especially a loving daughter. Avery had recently been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety which ultimately took her life on 5/5/14 at the young age of 17. This heartbreaking loss continues to be unbearable for family, friends, and the community. Avery was a bright light with an infectious laugh and one who reached out to help so many others struggling. Please help us to continue her legacy and support this cause.

The following was written by a dear friend on Avery's 3rd 'angel-versary':
"around three years ago, i lost a dear friend, Avery Cantor. i adored her during the four years i knew her, and once she was no longer around, i developed an even deeper appreciation for everything she was. i can still proudly say she is one of the most intelligent people i have ever encountered. she knew something about everything, and her intelligence was conveyed through her humility, never through pride. her intelligence consistently impressed me, as did her sense of humor. she could make anyone laugh through her infinite collection of puns, embarrassing stories and bubbly and charismatic demeanor. she had the gift of making strangers feel comfortable, and cared for. in high school, i envied her impeccable music taste, wide range of knowledge about obscure topics, and immense empathy. over the past three years, and with the help of some of her friends, i've realized that in most ways, Avery was different from the rest of us. she was instinctually kind, sincere and warm. her intensity yielded success in everything she did. above all else, Avery was completely her own. i often think about who she would be now: what music she would like, what she would be dedicating her time to, even what style birkenstocks she would own (my guess is the toe strap kind). i notice her absence every day; but more importantly, i recognize her presence. for instance, for reasons unknown, all wildflowers remind me of her. i used to make fun of her chubby hands, which resulted in noticing the hands of every new person i meet. sometimes a person will speak passionately, and i'll be reacquainted with the way her eyes widened and her hands reached out when she told any story, or recited any fact. grief is ugly, and long; but, grief is far from useless. Avery is everywhere - in my dreams, in a song lyric, in a laugh echoing through a room. hold onto your people, even if they're going through hell. learn everything you can about them. they are worth it. Avery still is. consider this: if i had never met her, would i have a reason to pull off the highway to get a closer look at a tiny patch of weeds and flowers? how lucky am i that our friendship still matters this much? (by: AS)"

If you would like to 'Build Your Own' Bravelet, please choose "suicide" as the 'cause' and type in or scroll and click "The brAvery Foundation" as the 'Brave Page' or simply type 'bravery in the 'search' bar and click on The brAvery Foundation. This will ensure a donation on your purchase will be made to this much needed cause in Avery's memory.
Help us start a conversation and erase the stigma of mental illness - we CAN change the statistics! There is HOPE!
Thank you for your consideration and support.
Carol (Avery's mom)