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Reverse the 22 a day Curse

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About this cause:

The Maverick-Movement is a 501 (c) 3, 47-5556445 Non Profit Organization that was founded by a disabled Air Force Veteran of the Gulf War.

Who happens to have also been in a severe motorcycle accident that dramatically altered his life and was told he would never walk again without the use of a prosthetic leg. He was hospitalized and bedridden for almost a year before being released from the hospital.

As if things couldnt get worse, they actually did. He fell into a very deep and cold depression.

During this deep and dark depression he asked his family for some alone time. This request for alone time was really just a way for him to carry out his objective: an attempt to end his own life with a .40 cal Smith & Wesson.

If not for a battle buddy who just happened to stopped by to visit due to lack of recent communication, he would have succeeded. After a 2 1/2 hour standoff, his battle buddy was able to disarm him. The proper authorities were notified to diagnose his state of mind. It turned out he was improperly dosed with a variety of antidepressants that led to hid debokle.

He was re-evaluated and soon after he found his personal balence and a new direction in his life which was to end soldier suicide. If he was saved because of a random check-in, how many more could be saved if proper oversight was established? That's when the Maverick-Movement was born.

So after surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident and an attempt on his own life he felt it was obviously calling to pay it forward. So he made a made a 180 degree turn by founding the Maverick-Movement. He feels that this is the way to pay forward his blessings by counseling veterans in their time of need 24/7. And by the way he does this with his own leg and under his own passionate power to end soldier suicide. I know this to be a 100% true because I am him. I am Marco "Maverick" Soto.

We are a united Veteran group based out of the Lone Star State of Texas. The Maverick-Movement was founded in 2014 and since been commited to end Soldier Suicide through unorthodox awareness and transitional peer to peer prevention programs.

Our 10% percentage of the proceeds will be used to support the mission to end soldier suicide.

We hope to raise the funds to provide the research the core of this epidemic by centralizing the common key components to establish preventivive programs to end it.

Help us, Help our Nations Heroes before its too late.

Thank you,

Strength & Success,
Maverick-Movement Team