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Rage Against Addiction

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About this cause:

We may not always remember every detail of a situation but we do always remember how that situation made us feel. There are few life events that shake us to our very soul. Realizing your child is addicted to heroin (or any drug or alcohol for that matter) is one of those events. You NEVER forget that moment…NEVER. Your rational mind kicks in and you start to analysis the situation. What do I do? Who can help my child? Certainly I can have an intervention and they will just stop, right? If it was only that easy, addiction is a roller coaster ride for everyone involved the addict, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…. and friends. Everyone is in disbelief. It can’t be that bad, right?
However unlike other diseases or disorders people don’t come knocking on your door to help. Families tend to hide in shame that their loved one is out of control. Out of control can mean a number of things. Binge using of alcohol or drugs or both, disappearing acts (when I say this I mean long periods of time when your addicted loved one is unreachable due to active addiction) hostile situations including but not limited to fits of rage, suicidal tendency or criminal activity such as stealing or selling drugs etc.
Being “Brave” is basically the only thing left you have to be, how to get help is always the challenge. Where to start and what to do when you have exhausted all avenues of possibility for treatment (or a safe place) for your loved one? True recovery comes from within the individual afflicted by this terrible disease. Rage Against Addiction is a nonprofit organization founder and run by everyday people affected by drug and or alcohol abuse looking for a better way to help provide better resources, treatment options and housing.
Join us in the fight against addiction and helping families in their time of need.
Rage Against Addiction provides awareness and support to anyone affected by drug and or alcohol abuse. Your purchase of a “BRAVELET” bracelet contributes to project family a program developed to help families that suffer from drug and or alcohol abuse and to our future hope help of providing transition housings to those in need. www.rageagainstaddiction.org