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Potsies Fight Back

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About this cause:

What inspired me to create this fundraiser was in large part to the lack of success stories of Potsies, the lack of research to assist physicians with proper and quicker diagnosis, and improvements (i.e. treatments, therapies) to help with our quality of life. Dysautonomia International is an incredible resource for Potsies and others affected by Dysautonomia syndromes and illnesses. D.I. was founded in 2012 by patients, caregivers, physicians and researchers dedicated to assisting people living with various forms of dysautonomia. Most people who know me or have met me don't know this but I have survived with POTS for over 12 years. Recently, more so than ever in the past, I have wanted to seek out support from POTS/Dysautonomia groups and look into ways how I can connect with others with POTS (Potsies) and possibly help others who also survive with POTS. I remember the day which turned into a ray of light and hope during a rough several months with my POTS. It was my 3rd and final interview with my Partner, Mike Mendelsohn, and Managing Partner, Christopher Viveiros. Mike offered me a position on his team in a Fortune 100 (now #61) company in my senior year of undergrad. He doesn't know this, but I had several days in a row for months where I would blackout and have seizure like episodes just getting out of bed. Less than one year till graduation it felt like I should have had unlimited opportunities but could rarely make it to classes without someone calling an ambulance let alone to the three interviews to make the cut. I did everything in my control to be prepared and have the strength to complete my interviews and convey my intentions and aspirations with a career with New York Life Norfolk General Office. Thank you, Mike. He has managed me and mentored me to be in the top ten of all individuals hired within the past 3 years. He introduced me to my MDRT Mentor, Sidney E Phillips, and has propelled me to be on the right path to fulfill every goal I have ever aimed for. My career has given me the flexibility to maintain my health and quality of life, to utilize my education (economics & financial management), help my clients reach goals they never saw possible, and gives me a true sense of purpose.

Thank you to my husband, Nik Kita Logan. He has been the helping hands to pick me up from the floor, the chauffeur to pick me up from hospitals, classes, the office, and occasionally ambulances, he has fed me when I couldn't sit up to feed myself, he has trained me in the gym when I could barely walk from the car to the stationary bike. He is a champion and one of the most decent, loving, protective, and supportive friends that I have been blessed to have in my life.

Not everyone has access to support and resources and with your donation you are assisting so many others to live the life they dream of having. #teamtachy