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Olga's Fundraiser for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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About this cause:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS, is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that are worsened by physical or mental activity. Symptoms affect several body systems and include severe exhaustion, weakness, impaired memory and/or mental concentration, vertigo, brain fog, hand tremors, and insomnia, which results in being practically bedridden for months or years at a time. In my case I have been bedridden for a year now after I finished my MBA. Instead of concentrating on enjoying or having a life, I just watch it pass me by. My insurance doesn't cover the specialists. People have to understand that this illness is suffered by millions around the world and it's not made up or in our heads. I'm turning 31 this September. I would like to have a life again. Thank you.