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National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum

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About this cause:

The National Organization of Disorders of the Corpus Callosum (NODCC) mission statement is “to enhance the quality of life and promote opportunities for individuals with disorders of the corpus callosum and raise the profile, understanding and acceptance of these disorders through research, education, advocacy and networking." We are fulfilling our mission by collecting and presenting expert multi-disciplinary and accessible resources for all those dealing with callosal disorders. Because a firm diagnosis of callosal disorders has only been possible since the advent of the MRI, this range of conditions is only beginning to be understood. In fact, promoting accurate diagnosis is a considerable part of our agenda. The confusion surrounding misdiagnosis can be agony for parents and potentially cruel to children, just as the expectations raised by wrongly prescribed therapies and treatments lead ultimately to frustration and failure. Preventing this misdirection and providing accurate information and effective solutions are high priorities for the NODCC. The NODCC works in collaboration with several neuropsychological research programs. The NODCC is supported in part by annual membership contributions. For information and support purposes, the NODCC develops written materials and videos, and sponsors conferences for families and professionals.