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ADHD Awareness & Advocacy

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About this cause:

I am an ADHD writer, advocate, and parent. To help spread ADHD Awareness, I use a blog (, YouTube, and social media to help educate people about ADHD and let them know what it is really like for children with ADHD.

One example of how I bring ADHD Awareness to the world is this interview I did with two children:

To help support bringing ADHD Awareness to the world, please join this very important movement and purchase two ADHD bracelets: One is for you to show your love and support for your child with ADHD and the other is for your child to remind them just how special they are, not just to you, but to the world. (Although these bracelets were created with the parents and children with ADHD in mind, they are not limited to just them. All are welcome and encouraged to wear them and help spread ADHD Awareness. Teachers, doctors, coaches, supportive friends and family members, etc. The more, the merrier and the better we can help educate the world about ADHD!)

The colors of the bracelet are: red and silver.

Color Meaning:
Red: Represents your heart filled with unconditional and everlasting love for your child with ADHD. No matter what, you will never give up on them.
Silver: Represents the silver lining for your child with ADHD, because there IS one. With your love and support, your child will be able to accomplish anything.

Wear your ADHD bracelets with pride and please post photos of you and/or your child wearing their ADHD bracelets on social media with hashtag #ADHDAwarenessPower. Please share and help make this go viral! Thank you for your support!

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