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Memories for Arabella

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About this cause:

Arabella is a smart, determined, feisty 8 year old little girl who loves tutus, princesses, and crocodiles. At the age of 4, Arabella was diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease on top of several other previously diagnosed medical conditions. Children diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease before the age of 5 are generally only given a 20% chance of surviving to adulthood. This is because a Mito...chondrial Disease causes an energy breakdown on a cellular level. Growing, learning, playing and fighting an illness all take energy and Arabella just doesn't have enough.

The progression of Arabella's Mitochondrial Disease is making her day to day activities increasingly more difficult. But, she continues to defy the odds with her strong will and fighting spirit.

This is more than just a page about a journey of someone looking for a cure. This is a page about a 7 year old little girl who is learning how to live life to the fullest and make meaningful memories while battling a progressive disorder.

All Arabella is asking for is a chance to be like every other 7 year old around her. She wants the chance to zip around on the playground, to take a 'walk' with her Service Dog Cinderella and to go to camp. But, making memories takes energy…and once again, Arabella just doesn't have enough.

Arabella's specialists have now recommended that we transition her into a Permobil F3 Power Wheelchair in effort to conserve her energy and quality of life. This will give Arabella the gift of more fun adventures, memories and independence. With her new Power Wheelchair, Arabella will be able to recline back during an energy crisis and rest her tired body safely. Her new Power Wheelchair will also elevate up and down, allowing her to see the world at eye level without wasting the energy needed to stand up. But, perhaps best of all, Arabella will finally have the gift of independence as she will be able to drive herself around on her adventures.

Our insurance is helping us with Arabella's new Power Wheelchair. But, they will not help us with the cost of the new specialized Mobility Van that is needed to transport Arabella's new 400 lb Power Wheelchair. We started this campaign in an effort to raise the funds needed for Arabella's new Mobility Van. Please help us give the gift of adventures, meaningful memories and independence to a little girl who is battling a ferocious, progressive disorder. We cannot purchase Arabella's Mobility Van without your help. Please like and share this page. Please help us raise awareness. Our lil' warrior needs you.
You can also donate by sending a check to Arabella at:
120 Marketplace Circle STE C-266
Georgetown, KY 40324