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Melinda's Cure JM fundraiser

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My daughter has juvenile dermatomyositis. Many of you probably never heard about it? It affects 3-5 in a million children a year in the United States. There’s no cure. They don’t know exactly what causes it, but they do know there is a genetic link that is triggered by environment factors. The disease affects the muscles and skin. An autoimmune response goes “wild”. Depending on the child and the severity of the disease, children are left with the inability to do simple things that they used to do like run and play, walk up stairs, get up off the floor, or dress/undress themselves. If things are serious, they might have trouble swallowing and breathing.

Melinda is going through something that is rare and unfair. It’s just plain not fair that her body chose to react this way to the combination of environment factors that brought her disease on subjecting her to what she’s been through. She is a role model for our family, and an example of how to rise to the challenges that life throws her way with a smile. When you ask how my daughter is doing, she replies with a smile “I am okay”.

She has to take medicine that she hates every single day. One day a week she has to get an injection that makes her feel sick. She also needs frequent IV infusions. That doesn’t include specialist and therapy appointments. We are in for a long journey.

My goal is to help raise awareness and funds for research! If you’d like to help, you can donate to the CureJM Foundation by purchasing a bravelet. For every purchase 10%.00 will be donated to Cure JM.