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Make Me Brave

Make Me Brave

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About this cause:

"Make me brave, make me strong, give me courage"

Since the initial biopsy & subsequent breast cancer diagnosis, this has been my prayer - sometimes many times throughout the day. This is a fight that brings many battles throughout the day. Many times, the most difficult are the mental & emotional ones that no one sees & only a fellow survivor can truly understand.

I love to box & miss it so as I continue my recovery. A favorite movie, Million Dollar Baby, has a couple powerful lines I cling to in my weakest of days:

"There is magic in fighting battles beyond endurance." "...step back too far and you ain't fightin' at all."

Be Brave. Step INto the fight! Don't back down. Don't give up. You are stronger than this!

The "Be Brave" message of these pieces is a powerful word of encouragement to all of us in our every day lives, not just in a medical crisis. It is my hope that such a constant reminder keeps me from stepping too far back from this fight.