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Lauren vs. Lyme

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About this cause:

Fast enough to catch a shifty fifth grader, more powerful than a yellow school bus, able to read IEP’s in a single bound. My sister Lauren is a special education teacher, a selfless supporter of those in need, and most of all my hero.

For all of my life, I have felt like my younger sister Lauren is without a doubt my older sister. She’s endlessly supportive, always able to provide sage advice, an inspirational teacher, and she’s quick to act in a crisis. In fact, a few years ago, she saved my life during a diabetic seizure, and without her and her heroic efforts, I undoubtedly would not be here. However, now, I am acting as the older brother to try and save her.

Lauren has Chronic Lyme disease, a sickness without cure, a kryptonite of crippling sorts. Her Lyme related afflictions include fatigue, muscle and joint pain, cognitive issues, heart palpitations, and a host of other daily and life-changing symptoms. She as well has babesia, a co-infection of Lyme disease that attacks red blood cells. The treatments for these illnesses are costly, unending, and not covered by insurance. I see her day-to-day, exhausted and in pain, working three to four jobs to pay for treatments while still trying to be the same, outgoing person, inspirational teacher and loving sister that she’s always been.

Any purchase from Bravelets through this “Brave Page: Lauren vs. Lyme” will directly support my kindhearted and caring sister, helping her to battle Lyme so that she can continue to be an inspirational teacher and an endlessly supportive human being.