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Kruizin' for Karlee

Kruizin' for Karlee

10% of purchases made will be donated to Kruizin' for Karlee Learn more

About this cause:

My 15-year-old Granddaughter Karlee has pulmonary hypertension. In June of 2015, she was very ill and sent home from Children's Hospital. Since then she has increased her quality of life, but the family still has multiple doctor and hospital bills.

Last visit to the hospital brought up some difficult decisions to be made about Karlee's near future. We would appreciate extra prayers right now for her parents to make the best choices.

Karlee has been very brave with all of her hospital stays and procedures. She is comfortable with her central line and just amazes us with all she has gone through.

This fundraiser is to help the family with mounting medical bills and to give support to Karlee for just how brave she is.

10% of each purchase in July will help Karlee stay brave and ease the family's medical bills.