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Kentin's fight on Meningitis

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About this cause:

Kentin Davis celebrated if 1st birthday March 8, 2009. The very next day he started running a low fever that ran better 99.8 and 100.1. The next morning her should have had his 1 yr check up but never made it. Instead he was in the children hospital a hour away from home battling for his life. This was a fight he did not win. He fought long and hard for 4 days. Meningitis took to much out of his little body. The was not high risk. He was not in day care he was not around people all the time. He was the only case in our city. It is like like he caught it some place like the grocery store or another common place. Kentin has 2 younger sibling now. As parents we should not have to spend hours on the phone tracking down vaccinations for our children. The National Meningitis Association is dedicated to helping eduacte parents and make information available to both families and medical staff. The also help aid government in making realistic laws and bill on vaccinations and education. Money raise form Kentin's fight on Meningitis will go to the National Meningitis Association.