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Kathy's So Brave, She Survived A Brain Aneurysm!

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About this cause:

On the early morning of January 1, 2017 it wasn't a very Happy New Year's. While driving by herself, my Aunt Kathy suffered a massive Brain Aneurysm which also caused her to crash her car. Thank God someone driving by saw it happen and called 911, which saved her life. Kathy was taken to 2 local hospitals in the Upland area before it was determined that she had an extremely large aneurysm that had ruptured and needed surgery right away. The surgery was unsuccessful and Kathy had to be transported to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles to be treated by the top Neurologists. She had a major life threatening surgery to clamp the aneurysm to prevent another rupture and additional damage beyond what had already been done. After surviving the surgery and keeping the aneurysm from rupturing, Kathy suffered from multiple complications that were extremely rare and beyond what her neuro team of doctors had even expected. She has also had dozens of other surgeries and procedures which have all caused major setbacks. After several weeks in ICU Kathy was transferred to a Sub Acute Rehabilitation Center. She has had multiple transfers back to UCLA for emergency surgeries, procedures and to treat infections, but as of now she remains in San Pedro at the Rehab Center. She is showing signs of improvement and we are all very hopeful. We won't know exactly what lies ahead for Kathy's future for quite some time but she definitely has a long road ahead of her. She has survived something that very few people do and has fought harder than anyone could've ever imagined. Kathy is determined to recover and does not give up and I'm so honored to be a part of this journey with her. She has had so much love and support from family and friends during this tragic experience.
Kathy even has her very own "Be Brave" bracelet in burgundy, which is the Brain Aneurysm awareness support color. Let's show her the love and support that she needs right now and wear some Be Brave jewelry! Feel free to wear Kathys support color, choose a color for any cause that you support, or pick any color that you like!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Aunt Kathy's story, I really appreciate the support!