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Juliet's Cure Mito Disease

Juliet's Cure Mito Disease

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About this cause:

THANK YOU for your interest in Juliet's Cure Mitochondrial Disease Fund. We hope that you will join us as we race against time to find effective medical and biochemical therapies to help our daughter, Juliet. We feel strongly that the best chance we have to help Juliet is to focus ALL of our fundraising efforts to support Dr. Marni Falk's lab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Marni Falk and her team of scientists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have recently published encouraging results from a study they have been doing with Juliet's cells in Human Molecular Genetics. In short, the scientists have used existing medications to restore mitochondrial function within the cells to normal levels. We hope to see Juliet involved in a clinical trial in the coming year. Here is the link to the press release which gives a thorough overview of a very complicated study: .

Thank you for your support!