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Hope & LIfE

Hope & LIfE

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About this cause:

The BEST doctor visit for Valerie Cedillo since February 26, 2010 with pulmonologist! The Lord, our God, our rock and strength thru a dark valley, never leaving our side. I remember opening the front door that morning and I had this bird greeting me. It never went away, allowed me to take a picture and Wayne Hargus and I to reflect on the evening that had just transpired. Peacefully, the bird flew away. ARDS came and changed our lives forever, leaving a mark, but the Lord gave us hope and continues today!

When I reflect on all the blessings and talents the Lord has given Valerie Cedillo, I'm in awe! When I think about all the obstacles she's overcome in her life time, I'm grateful for the cross! For His steadfast love, grace and mercy He has shown her to persevere despite circumstances, despite medical odds! We graduated to 9 month check up with her pulmonologist yesterday! The year 2010 was filled with one of those medical odds and the Lord had different plans for her, and I too. Although her lungs will never gain full capacity, she is holding her own. Best report we got yesterday! He was happy and always amazed at God's grace! May she continue to grow in the Lord, in His word, in her creative talents and strive in those obstacles faced with! A thankful mom and blessed in Him!