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Hope For Those With Digestive Motility Disorders

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About this cause:

"In one moment, someone's life will be changed because of a digestive motility disorder." These disorders can affect anyone at any age and occur at any time. The extreme and unpredictable symptoms can impact every aspect of the patient's life. The families of these patients are also greatly affected.

Many patients and their families endure a roller coaster of emotions as they struggle to live a life that involves the inability to eat normally, bathroom issues, social isolation, financial strains, stress on relationships, and the mourning of the many losses that come from living with these often debilitating digestive disorders.

The Association of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders, Inc. (AGMD) has been serving as a "Beacon of Hope" since 1991. Patients and their families rely on our nonprofit for much needed support, information, education, awareness, guidance and resources.

We hope you will remember AGMD with your generosity. When you donate, you will be making an incredible difference in the lives of those in need.