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Help Fight Gastroparesis

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About this cause:

Audrey was diagnosed with gastroparesis in Febuaury 2015. The ride since has been a wild miserable mess. Tucked inside the past year and few months that have passed were 36 visits to the emergency room and 5 admissions to the hospital, and no answers to what is going on. The weight loss was quick and severe. 110 lbs down and for no reason! The bad part of the weight loss is the malnutrition and weakness. Most days are a challenge to get out of the house and an event like a doctors appointment at the Cleveland clinic is like preparing for a vacation. Audrey's hair is falling out and she has never been more upset about anything in her life. As we wait for answers on something that seems so hopeless we hope she can get the help she needs. Audrey has taken a leave of absence from work, even though she loves her job and work is something she excels at, her weakness, brain fog and pain keeps her from focusing on what she needs to. Once we get some nutrition into her and strength returns, she will be able to go back and is looking forward to her return. until then we are trying to supplement her insurance so she does not lose benefits. Thank you so much for reading please help Audrey!!