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Heavenly Strong

Heavenly Strong

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About this cause:

First ultra sound November 18, 2016
We were 7 weeks and 3 days

December 16, 2016
We were 11 weeks 3 days we had our second ultra sound - during our routine ultra sound we were able to see our baby moving around my tummy so active we loved it the ultra sound tech was great, when she was done she said the doctor will be in shortly we waited patiently, the ultra sound tech came back with a vaginal probe she needed to get our baby's head measurements better we thought more pics for us lol after she was done she told me I could use the bathroom and clean up. She then came back to the room and asked us to wait in the private room next door, we didn't think of anything but maybe the doctor needs to ask us more questions about maternity 21 testing. The doctor for our ultra sound comes in and my significant other Jeremy and I did not see what was coming. The doctor informed us our daughter has anencephaly and spinal bifida and she had no chance of survival she suggested we do an abortion to prevent any pain and suffering. All I could do was cry I didn't under stand why? She said it was nothing we did, was just a random birth defect I couldn't do anything but ball my eyes out my significant other demanded a second opinion and informed her we are going full term with our baby. In my head our peanut looks perfect to me why would any doctor tell us to do an abortion without giving a chance or
Hope or be more positive? Maybe explain the birth defect better? She then left the room and said we can leave when we wanted to. My significant other comforted me as I looked at my first daughter and after seeing our baby moving around with a strong heart beat I was torn. I kept thinking we are going to lose our daughter we aren't going to be able to watch our baby grow up get married have children go to college experience life outside the womb. We left, we got home held each other and held our daughter tight we couldn't believe what we were just told you see things on tv and on Life Time but you never expected to actually live something like this. That day I called into work couldn't function needed to stay home before Jeremy went to work we called for a second opinion and requested the ultra sound doctor we just had not be involved with our case anymore.

December 29,2016
We are now 13 weeks and 2 days. We went to get confirmation from another doctor and she confirmed our baby had anencephaly but she didn't have the spinal
Bifida anymore she was more calming and made our ultra sound very comforting still hurt but seeing how active our baby was We are ok our baby is moving and is very healthy at this point that's all I could ask for plus the doctor said looks like another girl my significant other Jeremy got excited.

December 30, 2017
the maternity 21 test came in and we received a call. We are having another girl!! Now we can put a name to our precious daughter. We named her Heavenly.

Every day as our daughter grows in my tummy is a day to be so blessed. To
Know she is moving around and kicking makes us happy but knowing how fast time is going by it gets emotionally harder. We don't know how much time we have with our daughter Heavenly, but we love her so much. I cry so much praying that we get as much time with her as possible. We are very thankful for my mother Mary she's been by my side since day one my mother has experienced a loss of her own my mother feels our pain and is very supportive. My cousin Rosie is also being by our side and for the company My First PeekABoo we are able
To record our daughter grow every two
Weeks we go have her recorded and we purchase a stuff animal that records our daughter Heavenly's heart beat we may not be able to watch her grow up as an adult but we are able to watch her grow from a seed to a beautiful baby. Her due date is July 4, 2017 our independence baby. We ask for prayers we are also setting up a donation account for go fund me to help us for when she is born anything is appreciated thank you's for taking the time to read our story and pray with us. God bless you all!!