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HEATH - Help End Addiction To Heroin

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About this cause:

In April 2013 we lost Heath due to a heroin overdose. He was a Son, brother, and father. He came from a stable 2 parent home, he was loved. Addiction doesn't discriminate. It doesn't recognize skin color, gender, socioeconomic lines. We lost him to a horrible drug. We hope to help others not have to deal with the loss we have felt. Addiction stretches beyond the addict and effects their families and the community. Be Brave means so much for those who have been touched by addiction. We chose Silver because it is the symbol of awareness of overdose and its effects. Wearing silver can signify the loss of someone cherished or demonstrate support to those bearing a burden of grief. Wearing silver sends out a message. That message is that the infinite value of each human being nullifies presumption, prejudice and stigma towards people who use drugs.