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Forget-Me-Not: Finding a Cure for Dementia

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Dementia and Alzheimer's disease is progressing rapidly in individuals year after year. Doctors say it is genetic with a possible mutation gene that causes it, it can be environmentally induced, or medically induced from taking medication for a long period of time. However way people get this, it is taking precious memories away from people minute by minute and day by day. As much of a terrifying experience it is for the patients, it is also terrifying for caregivers to watch memories slip by and never to be retrieved again in your loved ones eyes. My mother, Nancy Pontes, is suffering now with dementia and it is progressing by the week. It is ironic because my mother, a nurse practitioner, took care of patients for over 15 years with Alzheimer's. She always felt she needed to be an advocate for her patients and their caregivers when no one else was there to support them. She started the Alzheimer's and Memory Assessment Program at Newport Hospital in the early 1990s. She also initiated and implemented a research project for Dog Assisted Therapy for adults with Dementia and Alzheimer's in the state of RI for Lifespan Hospital network. My Mom knows first hand what this terrible disease does to people and their caregivers. She worked endless hours and years advocating for support and research. I will continue her advocacy as she battles memory loss and dementia. My mom's two sisters battled the same disease. Lets help put a stop to this and find a cure! I hope you will join me.