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Fighting to help Carleen Glidden

Fighting to help Carleen Glidden

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About this cause:

Carleen’s health issues started with an unexpected stroke in 2014. She was unable to work and found herself with no health insurance. In 2015 while still trying to recover from the stroke she went into kidney failure at which time they discovered her bladder cancer. She has had to have nephrostomy tubes in each kidney that she still has. She has already been through 5 surgeries to attempt to remove the cancer but now she needs to have her bladder removed.

She has applied for disability but of course had to get a lawyer to help her with it and it has not been approved yet. Her family has been helping her keep her home but she hates the burden it has put on them.

Carleen has always been so independent and the stress alone of how she is going to pay all these medical bills is not good for her recovery. The medical bills are mounting and she’s so worried about how to pay for all this and keep her home so she doesn’t become homeless.

They are scheduling her surgery for hopefully sometime in March. I am hoping that before her surgery we can raise enough money to help with her living expenses to take the pressure off of her family and to start paying on all the medical bills she has already.

Like myself Carleen is single and doing it all alone. That could be me or anyone of us. She needs our help and anything you can help with will be a true blessing. If you prefer not to make donation’s through Go Fund, me please contact me and we can make other arrangements.