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Fight like a girl! Granulosa Ovarian Cancer

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About this cause:

GCT is only 1-3% of ovarian cancers. It is a re-occurring cancer that was once thought of as a very low malignant type cancer. Over the years, GCT, through no known rhyme or reason, has shown to be malignant with repetitive occurrences anytime between 3 to 20 years. Because of this, those with GCT can never be survivors, but life-long warriors. Monitoring consists of every 3-6 month blood work and yearly ct scans at this time. However, no official standardized monitoring exists. No proven effective treatment exists. Surgery is the only known effective treatment at this time, of which success depends on the location of the tumor/tumors. Granulosa Cell Ovarian Cancer has fallen through the cracks of ovarian research simply because of its rarity. Please join me and help support research and awareness. I am not just a fundraiser. I am a nurse practitioner, a mother of three children, and a GCT warrior myself. From all of us warriors, we thank you!