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Fight Histiocytosis

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About this cause:

"Histiocytosis is a rare cancer-like condition. It is the general name for a group of syndromes that involve an abnormal increase in the number of immune cells called histiocytes. According to the Histiocytosis Association, it affects roughly 1 in 200,000 people each year, and is most often seen in children ages 1 to 15. Histiocytosis often affects the whole body. Recently, researchers have begun to suspect that Histiocytosis is actually an autoimmune phenomenon, in which immune cells mistakenly attack the body, rather than fight infections. The extra immune cells may lead to the formation of tumors, which can affect various parts of the body including the bones, skull, and other areas. Tumors in weight-bearing bones, such as the legs or spine, may cause the bones to fracture without apparent reason. Prognosis for patients is dependent on severity of the disease. Treatment for the disorder also depends on the severity of the disease and may involve corticosteroids and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy and/or surgery may also be used to treat bone lesions. Whether you are fighting Histiocytosis, know someone who is, or just support the cause, wear this Histiocytosis Awareness Bracelet and be brave. 10% from the purchase of this Bravelets™ bracelets will be donated to The Histiocytosis Association of America"