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Emilys Brave Battle

Emilys Brave Battle

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About this cause:

Emily was experiencing headaches, first they started out as an annoyance but quickly progressed to debilitating pain and she lost her ability to walk without assistance. At the hospital the doctor, thinking it could be just a migraine, decided to do a cat scan and that revealed a mass in the back of her head. She was immediately taken by ambulance to Hartford Hospital where she was prepped for surgery for the removal of an inter cranial teratoma the size of a golf ball. She was kept in ICU for a week and then sent home. She has had to return to the hospital 2 more times since then because of the debilitating pain, vomiting and balance. She had a cranial spinal fluid leak into the cavity of her brain . They are trying to find the right combination of meds to alleviate her symptoms. She is awaiting a consult with a neuro ophthalmologist to see what they can do with her eyes so she may see again.

Emily is home now where she is having physical and occupational therapists come in to help her with her healing. They are helping her to walk without assistance and since the surgery she is experiencing double vision, nausea and debilitating headaches which is causing problems in everyday tasks. She will be unable to work until she heals and only time will tell how quickly she recovers. She just wants to get back to her life, a normal life, which she is determined to do. She looks forward to the day she can pick up her little girl.

Besides her medical bills, she has her everyday expenses, food, clothing, rent,etc. Her husband is a disabled veteran and self employed pistol permit instructor. He is the primary care giver now for not only their little girl but for Emily as well. His income is impacted for this as well. No one ever expects for these unthinkable things to happen but unfortunately they do and then need that little bit of help to keep going and healing so I ask everyone from the bottom of my heart to help her recovery be a little less stressful. Let's get Emily back on track. Thank you for reading her story and contributing.

Jennifer Felix, Jessica Morse, Anne Lucas