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MN based Dog Rescue

MN based Dog Rescue

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About this cause:

I'd like to do what I can to help rescues. I'll pick a different one to donate to each quarter, and all proceeds will go to them. I'll use these funds for smaller local rescues only. I see far too often a need for funds, why not make it something someone can wear to give and get something for it, that will show support? I might be my best customer, but thats ok!!
First will be to PetHaven Inc (MN)
Then to a new rescue, each quarter.
Right now, April 1-June 30 2015 goes to Cats Meow Dogs Bark Rescue!! They are located in MN and are Foster based.

and I'll keep it local, depending on where the need is the most. Currently I run a Facebook page called Lost Dogs- MN (50,000+ fans and rising), so I am very aware of which rescues not only truly help, but are in need of funding to keep them going. Likely will give to some reservations in 2016 as the need arises.
No shortage of who to donate to!