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Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder

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I was dialogue with Bipolar Disorder in 1998. At that time I was working. I had an episode where I locked myself in a room, sat on the floor, and began rocking. I could not keep the racing thoughts at bay any longer. If I had had a gun I would' be here today. I started seeing both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I was calling in sick 2-4 days a week. But I still had an income and could afford, the very expensive, drugs my doctor had put me on. I was forced into retirement four years later. When I started receiving SS Disability and had to have Medicare and a Supplemental Plan, my drugs became so expensive I was and am borrowing from my retirement fund to pay for them. Last year they were over $6,000. I will run out of money in my fund before my death. So I need to raise funds to help pay for my prescriptions. I am mostly stable with what I take now. But when I hit the "donut hole" I have close to $900 in prescription costs per month. I am nearing it now and need to raise $4,200 to get me through this phase of my medications. Just an aside, I am currently writing a memoir which lays out what is going on when to the outside world I look and act normal. I feel it is important for people to know and understand that this is not curable but is a disease that is controllable.