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Coopers Journey

Coopers Journey

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About this cause:

After losing our son Cooper at 22 weeks gestation we decided we had Cooper for others. Saving NICU Babies with precious milk and now reaching out to parents with cherish boxes in his honor have become our little man's mark on the world. Although, No one should ever have to endure losing a child we are turning this into something beautiful. We want to do amazing things in his name, and these donations are part of his tiny legacy . Remember there is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world. Our little Coopers perfect footprint. Thank you all for the support and love.

We now continue to help other grieving mothers through the donation of Cherish Boxes for them to have a safe place to keep their littles angels memories with some samples that are donated to help them on their grief donation journey, and some information from the Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas about their milk. We also have pumps to help these mothers in their journey of becoming grief donors in their little angels honor. Thank you all again for all the support and love.