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About this cause:

What if you found out your new baby or young child was deaf or hard of hearing? And he or she was the first deaf or hard of hearing person you had ever met? Two per thousand babies are identified with a hearing loss after birth through the hearing screening program or have a change in their hearing status sometime during childhood. Where does a parent turn for wisdom and guidance? The experienced parents of Colorado Hands & Voices! With its Guide By Your Side Program and parent-led, professionally collaborative work in the state, they are ready to assist you any step of the way no matter where you live in Colorado.
One parent said, "The Guide helped answer all of my questions so I could get past all the worry, the unknown... and enjoy this journey with my new baby. She is going to be not just "okay," but fabulous!" Through the Partner Project, parents and kids can also meet successful deaf and hard of hearing adults who have "been there, done that." (Also see Hands & Voices Headquarters for a chapter in your state, province, or relationship with your country.)
We can help our kids be all they can be: from the time of identification through age 21. Be brave: our kids will change the world. Thanks for shopping.