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Brave Is Beautiful Campaign

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About this cause:

I'm Anna! I am 13 and I have Ehler Danlos Syndrome a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. Because of EDS I have many other diagnoses, GP,DTP,RSD,Dysautonomia and POTS. EDS and all of my other diagnosis have no cure and the only treatment for EDS is supportive therapy and treating complications as best as we can. I always am wearing my awareness ribbon bracelets, Green Feathers Project bracelet, and of course my favorite Bravelet. My bracelets remind me to never give up and to always stay strong, have hope, and always be brave. The profits from these Bravelets which are black and white representing the black and white zebra print EDS ribbon, will go to The Ehler Danlos National Foundation. Thank you for your support and help in raising awareness to find a cure for EDS!