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Brave Angel Hannah

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About this cause:

Hannah is a a senior shih tzu who was dropped at a vet's office with the directive to "put her to sleep". This would have been her fate, after years of having puppies, suffering from abuse, and then complete abandonment and disregard, had Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania not stepped in to save her. That was close to 16 months ago and Hannah is more lively and happy than ever!

During her time as an Angel, Hannah has undergone three surgeries for the removal of mammary tumors due to the many litters of puppies it is quite obvious she had in her previous life. She has a scar from her neck down to her tail that is well over an inch wide in several spots. Only she and the person who did it know exactly what happened. After all of this, Hannah continues to show her bravery through her fight to survive and thrive despite all she has endured.

Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary helps senior dogs and puppy mill survivors find warm homes and loving families to spend the rest of their golden years with. When a senior comes into rescue with an illness that would make them unadoptable, Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary makes that dog a resident angel and takes care of him/her until they take their last breath on this earth. Your purchase will help other Angels like brave little senior Hannah.

The color violet has been chosen for Hannah's bravelets to speak out against the abuse Hannah suffered and survived.

Pink has been chosen as Hannah has needed to have 15 mammary tumors removed, two of which had cancerous cells.

Pearl white has been chosen to represent each of the Angels, past, current, and future, that Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary has worked to and will work to save including Hannah.