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4/26/2017 update

Today, we spent some family time outside enjoying this beautiful weather before Amelia's procedure tomorrow.
We won't know exactly what her limitations will be after her biopsy....this was per the ortho surgeon's nurse that I spoke to this week. Depending on what the surgeon has to do, she could be on crutches, a walker or a wheelchair for a few weeks. There will be a physical therapist there after and we just don't know yet until after the surgeon goes in....
The plan is to first go in and get a frozen sample from her femur. While she is under anesthesia, they will be able to obtain preliminary results from that sample. If the femur is negative, then they will go back in and get another sample from the S1 on her spine. If the femur is positive for cancer metastasis, it will not be necessary to get a sample from her spine because we will already know she has relapsed.
After her procedure, will will be going to the oncology clinic for blood work and we should definitely have results. I will update everyone tomorrow after we get back home.
Please continue to pray for a miracle. Dear Lord, please keep Amelia cancer free. Amen

We appreciate your prayers & support along this journey❤️