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Be Brave For Katlyn

Be Brave For Katlyn

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About this cause:

Katlyn was - in so many ways - fearless.

Whether it was paddling out into hurricane swell or starting a new adventure in a far off place, she was willing to try. She was ready to be brave.

Over the years, Katlyn would share this message with everyone in her life. She encouraged her friends to chase their dreams; she supported her family with love and confidence; and she bolstered any one who needed extra strength. She did all of this with a selfless heart and a infectious sense of humor, and she did all of this because she knew nothing else.

It's with these memories in mind that I'm training for the Boston Marathon and raising money in Katlyn's name for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

It's not easy to talk about suicide and it's even more difficult to try and begin to understand what it means. Please join me on this journey and help me and others begin a conversation that may save a life.

Be brave, for Katlyn.