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Apache Lupus Warrior

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About this cause:

For many years many people go through excruciating pain and are told something along the lines of:
* It is all in your mind
* Exercise more
* Sleep more
* So on and on and on....

People need to be compassionate, humble, and told things more along these lines:
* I believe you!
* Let's see what is going on?
* How can I help you?

I would like to raise money to help eventually get more in person Lupus support groups, for anyone with Lupus and their families, in my area. Although I enjoy the online forum, I would also very much enjoy the human connection of a in person group setting.
Because when a person is hurting, in pain, had a bad day, etc...sometimes hugs are better than any words.
Keep your faith, stay strong and we can do this day by day!