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Alzheimer's Research Foundation

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About this cause:

Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 that is dedicated to finding a cure for a disease that affects so many lives in so many different ways. In the past, the majority of money spent on Alzheimer’s research went to fund pharmaceutical research that treated symptoms of the disease. While treating the symptoms and slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s are noble deeds, we here at Alzheimer’s Research Foundation work with motivated researchers whose progress can be measured in quantifiable terms because we truly believe that a cure is possible. Helping people with an urgent need often causes an organization’s funding that would otherwise go directly to research to be used for programs that help people who are in crisis right now, pushing a cure off further into the future. That is not the case with Alzheimer’s Research Foundation 501(c)3. We will not lose focus on finding the cure. We are the research people and our goal is simple, “we fund measurable projects that are focused on identifying a cure for Alzheimer’s disease”.