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Albinism Awareness

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About this cause:

1 in every 17,000 people have albinism. Sometimes just the eyes are affected. Sometimes there is not pigment and hair and skin are white and pale. Sometimes there is some pigment, but not what is typical for a specific race. There are multiple types of albinism, but many more misconceptions.

I have two children with albinism. They are both adopted from China.

One has OCA1a (oculocutaneous albinism) meaning his body produces no melanin or pigment. His hair is white, his eyes are periwinkle blue, bright lights are bothersome. He is super smart and musically talented. He is also advancing in Boy Scouts with a goal of Eagle scout and legally blind.

The other has OCA2. This means her body produces some pigment, her hair is strawberry blonde, her eyes are hazel, bright lights are bothersome. She is a talented artist, amazing tumbler and flyer on her competitive cheer team. And she is visually impaired.

People see my kids and tell me "I didn't know they are legally blind / couldn't see well / had no depth perception." I am teaching my kids that they can do practically anything they want to do.

I am hoping to raise money to increase awareness through attending conferences, providing information to teachers, physicians, teachers of the visually impaired, new parents, interested community members. Money can also help with research to learn how to help improve the vision of people with albinism and to help counteract the negative stereotypes of people with albinism often portrayed in movies.

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