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Adrenal Insufficiency United

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About this cause:

Adrenal Insufficiency United is committed to enhancing the lives and health of our friends and family affected by adrenal insufficiency. We will do this by raising awareness, providing support, and working to ensure emergency protocols are in place to treat adrenal crisis in all settings.

AIU is working towards:

A. Awareness: Before an Adrenal Crisis can be treated properly it must be identified and understood.

B. The administration of hydrocortisone in the field: This can be achieved two ways, we believe those living within each state/region/city/ etc. must work with their EMS service to choose the option best suited for their area.
1. Solu-Cortef is carried on EMS vehicles and administered by EMS personnel.
2. The administration of Patient Carried Meds.

C. Prompt and appropriate treatment upon arrival at a Hospital, Urgent Care, ER etc:
1. No waiting time! AI must be coded like chest pains.....immediate care is vital.
2. Administration of hydrocortisone by IM injection or IV. A basic metabolic panel including potassium sodium electrolytes and blood glucose should be considered Standard of Care and performed immediately. Additional testing may be required by the treating physician.

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