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Addison's Disease Awareness

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About this cause:

One way the body keeps itself in balance is by using chemical messengers called hormones to regulate various functions. Just above each of your kidneys is a small adrenal gland. These glands make hormones essential to a healthy life. When they don't make enough of these hormones, Addison's disease is the result.

Addison's disease is a rare condition. Only one in 100,000 people has it. It can happen at any age to either men or women. People with Addison's disease can lead normal lives as long as they take their medication. President John F. Kennedy had the condition. My husband (Tom Truschke) has this condition. He was diagnosed at the age of 15. March is Addison's Awareness Month. Together let's help raise money to spread the awareness of this disease.

In Addison's disease, the adrenal glands don't make enough of a hormone called cortisol, or less often, a related hormone called aldosterone. That's why doctors sometimes call the illness ''chronic adrenal insufficiency,'' or hypocortisolism.

The National Adrenal Diseases Foundation informs, educates, and supports those with adrenal disease and their families to improve their quality of life.

Their Goals:
1. To stop death from undiagnosed Addison's Disease
2. To Improve life quality of those who suffer from adrenal disease
3. To Promote the study of Adrenal Disease to improve treatment and find cures.