No Stomach For Cancer

$10 from each item purchased will be donated to No Stomach For Cancer. 

About this cause:

 No Stomach For Cancer

No Stomach For Cancer and the website was established to create that source and community. We help people around the world connect, with participation on the site from individuals and families in more than 100 countries. We work tirelessly to make the site as useful as possible. You can learn about stomach cancer, including hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC). You can find help, and you can get involved to raise awareness. Welcome – you are not alone.

Stomach Cancer: Risks and Prevention

Stomach cancers are the FOURTH most common cancer types worldwide, and the SECOND leading causes of cancer death in the world. Learn more about risks and prevention, includinghereditary risks, and share what you learn with others. It could become the knowledge that saves the life of someone you know. Perhaps even your own.