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You are my sunshine!

Posted on March 29 2015

You are my sunshine!
In April 2010 my 17 month old grand daughter Skyla was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. Her abdomen engulfed with the cancer that would eventually take her life. Such a brave soul she fought with everything she had. My son and his girlfriend agreed with the doctors and staff to try everything and anything they could to help her survive. She was the love of my life, my sunshine. My husband and I left New Hampshire to do what ever was necessary. I sat for endless hours cradling my dear sweet princess singing to her continuously "You are my Sunshine" and she was And remains my Sunshine! At times she was attached to as many as 18 machines. Always smiling when her papa entered the room! She was his sunshine as well. The doctors finally found it time to try to remove the cancer that surrounded her bowel attached itself to her liver, kidneys and more. after a grueling 9 hour surgery we thought everything was going to be better, she showed so much progress. Skyla then underwent chemo therapy, radiation, and so much more. The summer of 2011 still attached to a feeding tube Skyla was the happy little girl everyone adored. She loved the beach, riding on the four wheeler, her movies on DVDS. And even though she never spoke you knew what she wanted and when! In September of that year Skyla's tumors returned, Whenever we would defeat one tumor, another would emerge. On December 7th 2011 the Angels came and took my sunshine. Such a short life for such a beautiful little girl! I was there that day, I saw the pain she endured for nearly two years disappear from her face. Angelic and free she had found her sunshine!
There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't miss my sweet baby girl, but I know when I sit in the sun and the beam of its glow touch my face my sweet baby girl is kissing me!
Neuroblastoma is a horrible cancer that takes children from their families please support the cause buy a bravelet, such a small price to help save the life of a young child!
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