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WOW....didn't think it would happen to me!!!

Posted on September 06 2014

It was our last cruise (jan 14) and I know we were having problems at this time..... I felt that i was alone on the cruise.... Didn't see my husband at all most of the week unless we were out doing things at port. On the ship, dinner maybe or hanging out that the bar. It was the night before we were finally going to his favorite (and first time) island. Jamaica!! He came back to cabin so drunk and I was already asleep....but lights were turned on, tv on and etc. (He is in mindset that the world evolved around him) and arguement started and that time didn't want to start anything just wanted to go back to sleep. Don't remember much but it was the first time he touch me. More of a shove... I got scared, started to cry and he keep going on for a few minutes shoving me again over and over. After verbal calling me names he stopped. I knew at that point I really could not go anywhere? I was on a ship. I got up that morning and left.

On July 3rd, he was drinking and came upstairs and say he lost his phone. I went down and couldn't find it.... told him wait until later.... That morning, I go up and found the phone..... At this time i knew he was seeing/dating/sleeping with this other woman. I read his messages..... (I own both phones they are in my name). He came downstairs and started pushing the dogs to the side to find the phone. I asked him what he was looking for and I told him I found it. At this point he went to choke me!!! I reached for my phone and dialed 911. restraining order has been been dropped (we both have no other places to go) but he is attending 6 months of anger management classes and after that all charges will be dropped. I look back an never thought i would be the one that would be abused.
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