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Why I Relay

Posted on January 16 2015

Why I Relay
I have been a part of Relay for Life for several years now, and I am truly passionate about this cause. Cancer is tragically a part of many people's lives. We have all been touched in some way.

My mom and I started this team in honor of a good friend, Gwen Hickerson, who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, as well as my great-grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor, my great-grandaddy who lost his battle with leukemia, my pappaw who lost his battle with bladder cancer, and in honor of my uncle and cousin who are testicular cancer survivors, and my aunt who survived melanoma.

Shortly after a successful Relay, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was quite possibly the worst day of my life. It's a moment of pure helplessness followed by months of treatment, surgeries, and worry. Thankfully, she is now cancer free and does everything within her power to help others that find themselves in the same situation. We give all the glory to God, and we realize that we are a part of this event for that very reason.

We have met so many wonderful people on this journey, and we will continue to be Team Mommabird for as long as we are able. This is our way of remembering those we loved so dearly and lost too soon, but also to honor those who defeated this terrible disease.
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