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Who was Kai?

Posted on April 17 2016

Who was Kai?
Our sweet angel Kai Jeremiah Stewart was born at 24 weeks and 5 days gestation weighing 1lb 9oz. Previous to his arrival he survived in the womb 2 weeks with very limited amniotic fluid.

About 2% of women experience what is called PPROM which is a premature pre labor rupture of the membranes also known as their water breaking. There is no solid explanation as to why it happens but it can cause prematurity to occur. Which is what happened to me during my pregnancy with Kai.


Unfortunately, since he came to soon it didn't give his lungs enough time to mature and develop. Thankfully to the advances that had been made from 30 years ago our son had a fighting chance. Kai defied odds despite having a traumatic delivery into this world. During the C-Section they discovered that the placenta had ruptured by 40% and Kai was basically beginning to drown in the blood.
Kai Jeremiah Stewart born at South Miami Hospital on Dec. 13, 2015 at 11:55pm
After surviving that experience Kai began to fight very hard for his life and showed great signs of survival . At the beginning of this year January 2016, Kai's lungs suddenly began to take a turn for the worst. The doctors gave him every medicine in the book to try and open up his airway but no medications seemed to be working. He was placed on several ventilators to help him breathe and one seemed to help for the time being.

After several tests were made , they later discovered he had a bacterial growth in the lower lobes of his lungs and had caused him to develop a pneumonia. It was finally an answer as to why he went from being well to all the sudden critically sick. The bacteria found was something that normally wouldn't attack a baby and that had the doctors puzzled.


Kai fought hard for 39 days but towards the end the infection took the best of his very tiny lungs . For many nights we spent countless of hours sitting in a small wooden chair in his room. We did not want to leave his side because of how sick he was. We didn't even want to go down the street to get food let alone drive home and sleep without him with the fear we would receive an emergent phone call and not make it to him on time.

Luckily the hospital was able to let us stay in their only room available which normally is used for parents that were about to go home with their baby. We slept there for 3 nights spending every second of the day singing to him, talking to him and praying over his tiny fragile body. The first night of his critical state with him we had to make a very difficult decision and have the surgeon place a drainage tube in his belly.

Kai had become very swollen from the paralysis treatment he had been given to try and improve his lungs. His kidneys were wanting to shut down at one point and the doctors were trying very hard to get the fluid under his skin back into his circulatory system and into his kidneys. He had actually had a good two nights and was showing signs of improvement but life in the NICU is lived minute by minute hour by hour.

“When oceans rise my soul will rest”

January 20th started out like every morning. We went to Kai’s room at 8am and spoke to his nurse to see how our little man did over night. She informed he actually had a very good night and we even saw he had less swelling in his tiny body. His blood pressure , oxygen levels and heart rate were very good given the fact everything he had been through in the past 3 days. We talked to him and told him how proud we were of him for all his big accomplishments.

My husband Dane and I prayed over his incubator before we would have to leave to drop off his brother and sisters to school. Suddenly his oxygen levels dropped a little bit and Dane told me we should wait just to make sure he was okay. I remember telling him this is normal for him he is our little fighter and he will pick himself up.

We played and sang to him his favorite song called OCEANS by Hillsong United which would always calm him down ever since he was in the womb. As he heard us singing to him his vitals started coming back into a normal range even reaching 100% o2 saturation. After the song was over we sat down with worship in the back ground and waited for the doctors to come in with the new day staff.

“ In oceans deep my faith will stand”

Shortly after he suddenly started slipping away before our very own eyes. All his doctors and nurses rushed trying to wake him up. I remember the doctor listening for a heart beat and then turning to me saying the words that will haunt me for the rest of my life “ Mommy there is no heartbeat .. We need to start immediate CPR on him.” They began to revive him as we prayed in a small corner of his room.

All I kept screaming was “ Kai mommy is here baby boy please hang in there! Please don’t leave us! You are a fighter! Kai please wake up!” I looked up and watched as they were doing chest compressions and giving breaths into his little body. Multiple viles of medication kept being pumped but by the look of the doctors faces I knew it was done. By 9:05am our little warrior took his last breath and left to his heavenly home. They immediately placed his still warm little body on my chest where he took his final breath. I was finally able to hold him in my arms for the first not in the way I had imagined. I did not let him ago after that for 15 hours straight. We soaked in every little tiny detail about his perfect body, his sweet baby scent and that beautiful golden hair he had.

Kai Jeremiah Foundation

Kai was born at South Miami Hospital where the specialized team of Neonatologists and Neonatal nurses made sure he received the utmost care. The South Miami NICU team fought very hard for Kai and we will always be grateful for them ; because of their hard work and dedication we were able to spend 39 days with Kai.

As an organization, it is our mission to raise awareness and research for more life saving advances for our micro preemie and preemie babies who suffered PPROM and its secondary effects. Donations are also aimed to benefit the South Miami Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). By providing funds and donations new innovative equipment can be obtained that will benefit the health care of our tiny warriors and improve their chances of survival. 

We want more parents to have the opportunity and be there for their tiny warriors. If a situation were to take a turn for the worst we want parents to spend every moment with them comfortably in case of the un-thinkable. With the donations we raise it is our vision to create private apartment like rooms in which parents of these critical NICU babies can stay on hospital grounds. We would also like to provide these parents with hot meals and small care packages that they may need during their stay in the NICU.

Through our pain , we have found that our brave courageous little lion Kai touched the lives of many with his fighting spirit. We will finish the momentum he has started one tiny baby step at a time and Fight Like Kai!

Dane and Virginia Stewart founders of the Kai Jeremiah Foundation.Kai is survived by his big brother and sisters’ who loved him and miss him deeply Jasmine age 5, Oliver age 4 and Hannah age 1, along with his cousins , Monica age 7 , Melanie age 4 and Mia age 2. In his honor, we have created the Kai Jeremiah Foundation.
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