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When Life Gives You Lyme

Posted on May 15 2016

When Life Gives You Lyme
This is my personal page on my struggle with Lyme and co-infections. Conventional treatment protocols do not work for me. IDSA and the CDC do not recognize a diagnosis of "chronic Lyme disease" let alone some of the co-infections such as Bartonella, or Babesia. These diseases do not discriminate. They affects everyone differently. There are many co-infections of Lyme disease that conventional medicine does not recognize, but the bacteria are real. The symptoms are debilitating. Some are life threatening.

I have been misdiagnosed for years. Fibromyalgia, vertigo, depression, IBS, thyroid problems, anemia, heart palpations or heart failure, kidney disease, insomnia, arthritis, you name it, I've had it. But none of the treatments worked, or worked for long. Some even made things worse.

Some of you mayknow that there are thousands of bacteria in your body at any given time.
My LLMD (Lyme literate MD) is using a low dose immunotherapy protocol to trick my body into thinking these bacteria are good bacteria. Along with this protocol we use numerous vitamins, minerals and detoxification protocols to help alleviate the symptoms/side effects of the process. Hopefully, the body will stop the battle to kill these bacteria and in essence end the inflamation and dump of toxins into my body from the death of the bacteria.

This sounds simple, even logical, to treat these identifiable bacteria.

The tests are ultra specific and expensive, and even these produce false negatives. They are only performed by a select few labs. Most of these co-infections are clinically diagnosed, meaning the physician must see, recognize and believe that all of the symptoms are present for this co-infection to exist. But the infectious disease doctors and insurance companies for whatever reasons have decided that this isn't the way to go.

The disease is invisible. It does not discriminate. It is different for each person that has it.

IT IS REAL and it sucks the life out of you. But you go on. You get up, get dressed, go to work. You are a parent, employee, spouse, sibling, friend, mentor. You are a survivor. You are a warrior. You are Brave.
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